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Hi Ladies & Happy New Year!

I am so excited for this new year even though I know it’s starting off a tad rocky. Although I hate the saying New Year, New Me, it is a time for renewal, purging and setting and crushing new goals. Whether your goals are in business, health, weight loss, relationships, buying that car or house you can achieve them this year or at least put the proper steps in motion. But it all starts with you and your mental health.


On February 1st, 2021, I will launch my inaugural meet up group for “Mind Matters” with Ashley. A 4 week (1 month) long virtual meeting of the minds, for those of us who are looking for a safe space for women. A place where we can be open and honest.  Where we can vent, cry and laugh.  But, more importantly a place where we can encourage, be encouraged and help to heal ourselves. Whether you are a new mom, single mom, married mom, divorced, looking for sisterhood, somewhere in between or nowhere near, this is for you. 


I know too well the feeling of loneliness, feeling misunderstood, searching for sisterhood and feeling like things will never get better.  I’m starting this group so that together we can build an army of support for one another. Let’s think of it as our own sisterhood sorority. I will do weekly video and/or audio check ins as well as assign weekly soul-searching assignments that we will share (at your discretion.) to the group.  Every week we will discuss a new top (or extend a previous one) that we will dig deep into with writing and speaking assignments. I want you to grow through the pain or self-doubt that you’ve been carrying around.  

I hope to see you all on our 1st day February.

 I have included the link to join “Mind Matters”

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As many of you all know this is a passion project. I know that one of my biggest gifts is to be able help women who struggle with mental illness and setbacks. This is now my main career focus.  I take this very seriously. I only want people here who are truly motivated to change their lives.


Move over Iyanla Vanzant.


Everyone who joins this meetup will receive either a “Mommy Juice” tumbler or “I’ve got a good heart” T-shirt., your choice. After you have signed up, I will sent a sign-up link with welcome video and instructions! I can’t wait to see you all.